Katia Laine

Intuitive Energy Medicine Practioner And The Founder Of Narayana Yoga Project.

Katia uses intuition, Reiki, Shaluha-Ka (messages from Spirits), Shamanic Munay-Ki Rites and the knowledge of Ayurveda in her sessions. She works with her clients with respect to their individuality and their unique way of living. Her approach is spiritual but also very grounded, rooted in practical tools for everyday living. Katia is a member of Energy Medicine Association.

Reach out to Katia directly: call/text (646) 369-7909 or e- mail: katia@katialaine.com


“Katia is an incredible energy worker.  My session with her not only shift my emotional perspective on issues I was struggling with, but it also helped me tune in to my body alignment by creating awareness of where there are energetic flow and blockages in my tissues.  I cannot wait to go back for another session soon. I’d like to make this a monthly part of my self care routine.  Thanks Katia!” - Courtney

“ I was struggling in my relationship with couple different problems and needed help from third person. So we chose to have session with Katia. Session was not only successful but also very pleasant as Katia was humble, natural, supper intuitive and wise. In her presence my partner and I could really hear each other. She was guiding us so intelligently that could  helped us drop resistances, blames, and the need to protect.  She is an amazing facilitator and healer. So after that session I took Ayrvedic healing massage with her and oh wow! Her soft touch with  warm aromatic oils was heavenly pleasant/relaxing and healing. She worked with whole body but mostly on the parts she felt needed more attention. Can’t wait to have another session with her. I trust Katia’s healing and intuitive skills. It worked for me, for my partner and for lots of my clients as I sent my yoga student her way. She is a real deal!   Thank you Katia! “

 - Maia

“Katia is an amazing medicine woman, healer and perosn. She has an incredible amount of knowledge and understanding of energetic systems - how to work with, and harness them. Her insights for me were beyond helpful; she gave me concrete things to work on, and tools to navigate what was coming up. She also brings here extensive background in Ayurvedic medicine into the work, for a 360 healing experince. I highly recommend wotking with Katia, she is the real deal”